For over 50 years Daniel Buren has created unforgettable interventions, controversial critical texts and thought provoking public art projects. He is internationally recognised for his contribution to Conceptual Art and is France’s most celebrated and influential living artist.


Rob Pruitt is equal parts pop artist and provocateur. He has a varied practice that includes ecopolitics and the panda bear, American youth, global consumerism and the narcissistic shallows of contemporary visual culture.



Ryan Gander’s eclectic output defies categorisation. His work ranges from installations, sculptures and photographs to performative lectures, publications, inventions and interventions.


Jordan Nickel, aka POSE, is a neo-pop artist who has an inventive ability to take everyday ephemera and introduce it back into the world to communicate something much deeper.



Evan Robarts is an artist who uses everyday materials and processes to create sculptures, installations and paintings. In 2010, Robarts worked as a superintendent for a run-down building in East New York. The materials and techniques utilised in his daily routines during that time have informed the way he creates his artworks.



Paul Wackers is a painter and ceramicist who started his art career working for conceptual art pioneer Sol LeWitt. Wackers uses objects that surround him in his studio and daily life as source material for his still life paintings. Plants, pottery, rocks and personal collectables feature in his work.